CDEvents is a common specification for Continuous Delivery events, enabling interoperability in the complete software production ecosystem.

It’s an incubated project at the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF).


In a complex and fast moving CI/CD world with a lot of different tools and platforms that need to communicate with each other interoperability stands as a crucial thing. The maintainer of a CI/CD system needs to swap out tools in short time with little to no stops.

The larger and more complex a CI/CD system becomes, challenges increase in knowing how the tools communicate and what they do.

What we provide

The CDEvents protocol defines a vocabulary of events enabling tools to communicate in a interoperable way.

We extend other efforts such as CloudEvents by introducing purpose and semantics to the event.


By providing an interoperable way of tools to communicate we also provide means to give an overview picture increasing observability, but also to give measuring points for metrics.

CDEvents Specification

The CDEvents Specification is available on our website.

The specification is currently draft and not ready for implementation. We are working towards our first release v0.1.

CDEvents SDKs

CDEvents is developing as set of SDKs:


How to get involved

Reach out to see what we’re up via:


If you would like to contribute, see our contributing guidelines.


The project has been started by the CDF SIG Events and is currently governed by a few members of the SIG.